Museums and Tourism


The Citadel

500 years of history, an incredible citadel steeped in history, a beautiful free outdoor walk and tours provided by passionate volunteers.


The Lombart museum

When Jules-François Lombart, industrial chocolate maker bequeathed his private collections to the city of Doullens and built a museum inaugurated with great fanfare ...

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The Belfry

Dated 1613, the belfry comes from a long tradition in northern France and Belgium dating back to the Middle Ages. A superb monument to discover.


the JDJA

The Doullens plant festival is an unmissable event for gardeners who love plants. The largest gathering north of Paris.

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The underground city

Come and discover this immense quarry transformed into a secret underground city allowing refuge during conflicts. A site steeped in history.


March 26, 1918

The town hall of Doullens keeps in memory the place where the historic agreement of the Single Command of the Allied Forces in Foch was signed, a turning point of the Great War


Tivoli Cinema

Find the main films, blockbusters in Doullens in a brand new room, 93 seats and 3 wheelchair spaces

Lire un livre

The library

Novels, Youth Albums, Documentaries, Comics, Tales, But also: Large print books, DVD music, Magazines. but also tales and shows


The swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool with removable roof, the Marc Revaux nautical center offers lessons, workshops or relaxing swimming while waiting for a new nautical center.