Doullens, our city, your destination!


An ancient city


Discover its history and its listed monuments: the Belfry (1613), the Citadel (16th and 17th century), the Notre-Dame et la Entombeau church (1583), the remains of the Saint-Pierre church (13th century), the 'Town Hall (1898) and the Unique Command Hall, the Lombart Museum (1908) and its garden, the architecture of the city center of the 18th century



Authie and its tributaries

The Authie is a coastal river in northern France which empties into the English Channel after a 108.18 km long course. Rich in its tributaries including the Grouche, Doullens is a city of water, a rich nature to discover during your walks and hikes, a city in a natural setting in the heart of the Doullennaise rurality.


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A rich history

A rich past for its future

The doullennais is a story that dates back to the Neolithic, a city that has known the greatest dates in the history of France at its feet. : Defense of the Kingdom, war against the Spaniards, World Wars, Harkis ... the story of Doullens is an incredible wealth, a real journey with eyes open in history.


Art and culture

Unique exhibitions and collections

Doullens has within it superb collections of master paintings, an automaton unique in the world and even a mummy! Paintings from the French school (18th-20th): Corot, Chardin, Daubigny, Saunier, the Bail brothers and local artists such as Lucien Andrieu, Horace Colmaire, Félix Niaut or even Poulbot.

The sports

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A multisport city

Collective sports, individual sports, Olympic disciplines, Doullens welcomes a rich associative fabric with flagship sports such as football, basketball, tennis, cycling, horse riding but also climbing, combat sports, badminton, shooting - archery and sport shooting ... without forgetting our majorettes!

Services and shops


In Doullens, you can find everything!

All shops are present from large brands to local shops, restaurants, services but also a hospital, an emergency service, a creche, two colleges, two high schools, centers for people with a disability and public services. also to meet your needs and the parish and its masses.

The animations


Have fun, relax, have fun

The city offers monthly entertainment in addition to the many events organized by the Doullennaises associations. The réderies (flea markets / empty attics) will delight you, as will music concerts, bingo, dinner dances and popular and traditional events.


The music

Conservatory, harmony, Choir

Music has been the rhythm of Doullennais life for many decades Conservatory, Doullens wind orchestra, choir with choirs from Doullennais, discover music thanks to the performances and concerts offered throughout the year at the cultural center, at the town hall or in the heart of Notre Dame church.